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A Need for Color Change

At Live Smart Homes we provide our customers with eco-friendly, high-quality exterior paint jobs that will leave your home looking fresh and polished. You may have noticed chipped paint on the exterior of your home. Do not wait to get it touched up or repainted, as it may be costly if you hold off. We know the right way to save you money on an exterior paint job. Your home is also going to stand out from other homes on your block with our careful finishes and color recommendations. Trust Live Smart Homes to be the best company to get an exterior paint job for your home in Los Angeles.

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home simplify your life

You work hard and juggle a lot in your busy world. Why not live in a home smart enough to make life easier? With a renovated smart home in Los Angeles, you can streamline your household and lifestyle with a few clicks. And spend valuable time relaxing with friends and family.

home remodeling customer support

Remodeling your dream home can be stressful. Add technology to the mix, and it can get downright daunting. But with Live Smart Homes, you get an expert project manager to partner with—from concept to completion. Then, our support team is available day and night as you explore your remodeled home.

save on uitilies

Want to reduce your utility bills? We can equip your home with easy-to-use, energy-efficient appliances. From temperature controls to lighting fixtures to water usage—Live Smart Homes will help you conserve energy. It’ll be much kinder on your wallet and the environment. Just think what you could do with the savings.

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Increasing The Value of Your Home

You will see from our successful paint jobs that you too can have a stunning home. The savings are unbeatable and the outcome will put more in your pocket. Live Smart Homes paint jobs offer eco-friendly paint and quality work, adding more value to your home. Because of our high quality products, many times our clients are allowed tax breaks and local incentives for choosing a beneficial paint. Our clients are thoroughly satisfied with our eco-friendly design as well as our affordable pricing.

Timely Completion

When our project managers come out for your free consultation, they will also go over the convenient timeline of the artificial grass installation. We know that replacing an entire area of grass can be a time consuming and inconvenient project for your family. Other installers may stay longer to increase the bill, taking your money and bothering your family. We make sure that we are completing the project within 14 days or less.Each of the Live Smart Homes’ contractors, subcontractors, and professional workers all have your time and energy in mind. It matters to us that we provide you and your family with a service you will enjoy.

“Our home needed a new paint job so we hired the right guys to get the job done.”

Five Star General Construction Company

We are a leading licensed general contracting company serving the Los Angeles area. You will find the raving reviews of Live Smart Home to stand true when repairing your stucco with us. Live Smart Homes will give you a smooth experience throughout scheduling, repairs, cleaning, and double checking our work. Your expectations for your stucco repair needs will be met with superior design and ethics from our trusted team of contractors. Our clients are thoroughly satisfied with our eco-friendly design as well as our affordable pricing.

Financing Available To You

At Live Smart Homes, we offer different financing options that comfortably fit your situation. We know that repairs can be costly, but we do not want to keep you from the home you dream about. Live Smart Homes has makes sure you can receive funding even if you don’t have a perfect credit history.We have a team of experts that specializes in home renovation project financing. We offer 100 percent financing to make your goals achievable today.Talk to our financing experts today so you can finally start your home renovation project.

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Our Customers Always Come First

It’s rare for a construction company to make their customers their priority, however, at Live Smart Homes that’s our specialty. We know that the kitchen remodeling process can put a strain on your everyday life due to your kitchen not being fully accessible. Which is why we make sure to always finish on time. In fact, we guarantee that we will be done with your kitchen home improvement within 14 days, unless otherwise specified. Not to mention, we strive to always stay on budget, providing each of our customers with a professional project manager that can give them the guidance that they need

What Are Our Customers Saying?

I love our neighborhood in Los Angeles, it’s super artsy and every home is different. Our home needed a new paint job so we hired the right guys to get the job done. At Lives Smart Home they have the...

Ariel Kline

Culver City, CA

Live Smart Homes came up with eco-friendly solutions when it came to replacing our new roof. I’ve worked with construction companies in the past and I can honestly say I haven’t work with a better contractor, subcontractors and professional experts...

Reuben Simpson

Culver City, CA