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Most construction companies avoid additional effort by any means necessary. It is common for construction companies to take their time to complete tasks and not to finish projects in the timeline that their customer wants. It can be incredibly frustrating to live in an incomplete home with no end in sight. Which is why at Live Smart Homes we always put our customers first and make sure that they remain satisfied with our eco-friendly services. Which means we will work at a pace that is acceptable to your deadline and will not cut corners. Live Smart Homes is considered the best construction company for room additions in glendale for a reason. Get the perfect room addition from Live Smart Homes today!

We Finish On Time

There are few things less annoying than paying for a service that never seems to end. Some contractors will leave a house in shambles for a month, when the process could have been completed in five days. At Live Smart Homes we respect your time and  know that being comfortable in your own home is important. Which is why we guarantee that we will take no longer than 14 days to complete your room addition unless otherwise stated. Trust Live Smart Homes to respect the time schedule for your room addition today!

Room addition GlendaleWe Show You We Care

It is a fact that most construction companies simply do not care about their clients. At Live Smart Homes we make it out mission to provide our customers with the best customer service possible.We make sure to make our clients as comfortable as possible during the room addition process with a strong line of communication. In fact, each of our customers are provided with a professional project manager that will provide  them with step to step guidance so they are never left in the dark about anything that is occurring. Not to mention, we will work to stay within your budget so that you are not hit with any unnecessary charges.

The Extra Mile

At Live Smart Homes we pride ourselves in always going the extra mile to provide our customers with top notch service that cannot be beat. Which is why each of our consultations are tailored to our clients. In addition, each client gets a free 3-D design of their project. Addition Contractor Glendale

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Live Smart Homes offers a project manager for our Room Addition service which they help our customers stay within their budget but can still get their additional room exactly how they wanted. We are about providing great services so along with that we guarantee that the project will be done in 14 days because they paid for a project to be done and we respect our clients time.

Glendale Property Owners Love Live Smart Homes:

Live Smart Homes is known to be the best construction company in Glendale for our excellence in our Room Addition service. We provide fast and reliable services for our customers as a representation of our professionalism. We deliver the best Room Addition Service so that our clients can be more satisfied with the way they live and vision their home.

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